Insurance Claim Management

Rapid technological advancements are altering the claims process, demystifying difficulties and increasing visibility throughout the whole value chain. When insurers use our services, they see remarkable benefits in claim processing, including increased accuracy in claim settlement and cost savings. The following are some of the advantages that insurance firms can gain by outsourcing claims management to us:

  • Cost-cutting in operations
  • Management of fraudulent claims
  • Exceptional customer service despite fluctuations in business volume
  • Customer satisfaction is higher.

JAE is a global provider of insurance claim management services, partnering with prominent insurers to provide outsourced services for the processing of insurance claims. To co-create agility and future-readiness, JAE offers end-to-end claims management services, backed by digital, global scale, best-in-class talent, industry best practices, and new delivery methods. Our integrated claims management portfolio has helped our clients make their claims processes as smooth as possible, resulting in improved customer experiences. We assist companies in automating operations, reducing risks such as bogus claim filings and accident and damage staging. Our analytics department provides a variety of solutions and predictive models to our insurance clients to help them avoid risks and make proactive decisions for company growth.

Our Claims Management Services

  • Modernization of legacy applications
  • Insurance claim preparation
  • Account Settlement
  • Estimation of insurance claims and eligibility
  • Claims auditing and support
  • Document imaging for insurance claims
  • Fast-tracked adjudication
  • Full claims adjudication
  • Disbursement

How Does JAE Assist You in Claims Management

The insurance environment is currently being distorted by a number of difficulties. On the one hand, insurance companies must contend with intense competition and stringent regulations, while on the other, they must contend with shrinking operational margins.

Insurance companies will not get very far by just lowering their operating costs. They must tactically analyse their organisational assets and embrace a creative strategy, and more insurance sector leaders are turning to outsourcing to help them do so.

You will not only strengthen your business operations, but you will also grow faster than your competition as a result of this. JAE’s techniques, technologies, operational excellence, and experience in the insurance business enable you maximise the value generated through outsourcing.